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Meet Selma

Hello there, I am Selma Selena Magdelena

Founder of the Mystery School of Sacred Self Love

High Priestess of the Soul, Healer, Channel, Seer, Cosmic Story-teller, Frequency alchemist,  
Founder of the Mystery School of Selflove
Channeling the Sacred Codes of the planets and stars of the universe & the Golden Christ light so we remember that life loves us. Embodying the Divine Mother and directly connected with the consciousness of Mother Mary, the protector of the Golden Child.

I am here, like many of us, as a scout.  To prepare the field on earth.  To shift the collective frequency of humanity from 3D to 5D. I love myself deeply and I have forgotten this for many life times. Now I here to remember again who I am. 

I am here to forgive myself of all the harm that was done to me and that I have done in this life time and in past life times. Through deep practices of sacred self love I am finally at home in myself again. I am here to share my stories of healing and transformation with you. The remembering of deep love that I feel for myself and other beings.


I was born in a family that has tought me everything I needed to know and to learn in this lifetime and for that I am grateful. 


I am here to be of service. For you to help you remember who you really are in your divine essence. 

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Every Starseed family is connected with a spiritual lineage. Connecting with your own spiritual liineage will make you feel more at home in your own life. I am from the same Starseed family as Mother Mary and Quan Yin. Therefore I carry the codes of unconditional love, pure motherhood and freedom in my Soul's DNA Blueprint. 


As a soul we are all incarnated on one planet of star for the first time. This is our birth planet or star. In out DNA Blueprint we carry the codes of the planet or star. I was first incarnated on the planet Venus. Venus is my home planet. The planet Venus holds the frequencies of love and beauty.

When I channel for you I am strongly connected with the Ascended Masters Mother Mary & Quan Yin and the planet Venus.  I guide you in connecting with your light and your dark side. For you to open to the truth of who you are. 


I am here for you to unlock the DNA blueprint of your Soul. In your essence you are who you are and you are who you also will be. You carry deep within your core of your being your original DNA blueprint of your Soul.  This blueprint is who you are, it is your divine nature. Living from your divine nature means living from a place of love and truth. It is a life of honesty and of peace and a place where love flows. 

In the DNA blueprint of your Soul you hold the frequency of your true essence. It is pure and divine and filled with love. In the DNA blueprint of your Soul you hold the codes for your divine plan in this life time here on earth and you hold the codes for your Soul's Golden Gifts.

Are you ready to let love flow and unlock the DNA Blueprint of your Soul?

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We see, hear and feel you and help you to Embody your Essence. 
12 Ascended master of the Essences 



I am here on Earth to bring positive change.

I bring positive change by walking the path of my Soul. 

I am devoted to my higher self and I let go old ideas that no longer suit me. 

I Alchemize everything that is not mine into pure divine essence

I return to the innocence of the Golden Child 

I create from a place of deep devotion for my higher self and the highest good for all.

I allow the sacred union between my inner woman and inner man to flow.

I surrender to you mother Earth

I surrender to you Father Sky

I surrender to you Divine Life 

I trust in the goodness of Life

I trust in the goodness of my Soul

I love myself and I surrender to love. 

And so it is.

So it is

So it is



What is A High Priestess of the Soul?

She lives from the Heart.

She is connected with the stars and grounded in the Earth.

She is devoted to living a soul-led life and not a life created out of the ego but out of the Soul. 

She surrenders to a higher power that she knows is within and outside of her.

She is of service.

She is an Alchemist of the Soul. 

She is focused on the solution and not the problem.

She is open to opportunities and says yes to them when she sees them.

She connects with the unknown every day. 

She knows how to be abundant and attract abundance in her life.

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