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Cosmic Starseed

Less Soul searching, more Soul living

A Starseed Journey back Home

Connect with your Starseed family and feel more at home in yourself

As a Soul you have incarnated on this Earth before. This time you are here to support the raising of consciousness for humanity. You have chosen this life very carefully and it is your Soul’s Journey to remember who you are, where you came from and what specific frequency you are bringing here on Earth. You are born out of a cloth of Souls, which we call our Starseed family. You have been reincarnated on a planet or Star system for the first time. This planet or star system is what your Soul will call home.

I take you on a journey to a deeper connection with your soul.

You long for a deeper relationship with yourself and you don't know how. You feel and experience things within yourself that you often cannot place properly and you want to learn how you can give more meaning to this through your own wisdom.

You feel that you are here on earth for a reason and cannot yet give concrete form to this and would like to receive more information about this. You keep trying and searching and you don't get any clarity. Do you recognize this? 

It does not have to be this way. During the Cosmic Starseed Reading you discover deeper layers of your true self.  Imagazine this:

  • You have opened yourself to your Starseed family and felt the connection. This consciously or unconsciously opens more and deeper connections with other people who are walking the same path as you.

  • You know your birth planet or star. That place where you as a soul first incarnated. You carry these codes (frequency and information) with you. Opening up to this helps you to soften and let go of what does not match with you and the path you are walking.

  • Something deep within yourself has been touched, which has opened a consciousness that will never go away.

  • You know better who you really are. As a result, you also make decisions about your life that fit who you are.

  • You recognize patterns that do not match your true self. You release and shift these patterns, because you recognize this pattern and know how to shift.

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Image by Adrian Pelletier

What Others Say...

I asked Selma for a channeling session because I wanted to know the reason for my eye problems and what could help heal them. I had some other questions about my life as well and I wondered what my guides wanted to tell me beyond my own questions.I felt very safe and I have the feeling that she is a very pure and clear channel. 

Selma was also led to inform me about my home planet. To hear what my home planet is was so touching for me because I always suspected what it is, but to get a confirmation that it is Venus moved tears in my eyes. I really recommend Selma for a channeling session, it is more than information, it is healing, practical tips, and more.

- Ingrid Monika Myriel Grünenwald, Switzerland -

Cosmic Starseed Reading:

This reading is so popular because it opens you in a unique way to your true self. Most people already feel something awaking just hearing about this reading. Receiving the transmission, with the frequency and information that is vital to you, you open a whole new layer of consciousness in yourself:

☆ You have a deeper remembrance of your true Essence. You are more aligned with who you truly are.

That makes you more magnetic for others because you open deeper to your true self. Others soul recognize this in you.

Brings a sense of relief because you do not have to adjust yourself anymore to something you are not.

☆ You have a better sense of what you need and how to give this to yourself.

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What to expect After the Cosmic Starseed Reading:


☆ You have opened the field of your Starseed family and you meet them not only in the cosmos through meditation but also in your human life here on earth, e.g. friends or clients. Because you opened your frequency for them.

☆ You have connected with the planet or star you are first incarnated as a soul. Connecting with the frequency of this planet or star brings you a sense of home.

☆ Making more aligned choices, because you have a deeper connection with your true self.

☆ Soul revelations will appear and this brings you closer to your true self. 

☆ You notice you will be less soul-searching and more soul-living. 

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What Others Say...

"I wish I did a starseed reading with Selma when I was much younger! It would have given me so much more clarity, guidance and understanding about myself. One part of me felt always a little lost and longing for something. To know where you come from and to be seen for these special qualities is so healing. It also gives you information about your unique gifts and soul purpose.  


Selma gives her reading with so much passion, love and laughter. But what’s most important without judgement and curiosity. I felt really safe in the space she held. The information she gave me about my starseed origins touched me deep, she saw my frustration in this as well. I struggled a lot with not knowing what my deeper purpose was. She could explain me that for some gifts it wasn’t the time yet and gave me healing on this. 


If you are somehow feel a connection to do a starseed reading I really recommend to do a reading with Selma. The starseed reading from Selma was really healing to me. It opened up a deep remembrance in myself. After the sessions I could connect to my starseed origin planet and receive information. This really opened up my channel more.  


Selma is honest, professional has a lot of integrity and really takes her time to set up a safe space."

- Maud van Woerden, Bali -

What happens in the Reading?

Opening the Session and Sharing

Here we welcome each other into the sacred space and you share your questions and what is alive in you at the moment of the session. 

Sound Healing and Soul Singing

I will sing to you and use a sound bowl or chalice to connect with the divine mother and the field of unconditional love. In this step, you will receive divine information about the cloth you originate from. This will bring you information and a feeling of your core frequency. 


Remembering your Starseed family

In this step you will receive divine information about the cloth you originate from. This will bring you information and a feeling of your core-frequency. 


Reconnecting with your Planet or Star of Origin 

By reconnecting with the planet or star you first incarnate as a Soul in, you will have a feeling of home. You learn how to connect with your home planet or star. 

Healing Old Codes 

The reading itself is a big healing. Old programs will be deleted. You receive a healing from one of the 12 Ascended masters that further awakes your original DNA blueprint. 



After the reading there is space to ask you questions and receive answers to specific questions you have. 


Guided Meditation 

A guided meditation is channeled for you which you can also play later at home to deepen the remembrance from your Starseed home. 


Sacred Self Love Rituals

Your guides and my guides share two or three Sacred Self Love rituals you can practice at home to support yourself in connecting with your Starseed family and Soul’s home planet or star. For you to feel more at home in our body and in your own life. 


Closing the Session

We close the session with grounding the received divine information, healing and clearing and gratitude for life. 


Practical Info

Location:  online


Duration: 1 to 1,5 hours

You receive a recording of the session and a separate recording of the guided meditation. 


Advice: Drink lots of water after the session, walk in nature, and make sure you have time to integrate the session. 


We connect two weeks after the session, to see how the reading has landed and if you have some questions that are important to you. 

Energetic Investment:  €222

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