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Family Constellation

Feeling more at home in your body

Uncover hidden stories from your family and spiritual lineage that is blocking your life force. 

We are all born in a family. A family or family-like system that has raised us and taught us how to navigate through this world. Some of the things we learned were helpful, while others were not. Some of the things we learned were consciously given to us, most of the things we learned were unconsciously given to us. From ideas, thoughts about how to live and how to survive have been given to us. In this family constellation you will discover the strength of your lineage and programming from your lineage that is not working for you.

We are called to open ourselves to live the highest version of ourselves from a place of deep self love, peace and awareness. Since we were not raised in this way we have forgotten how we are and why we came here. This is blocked by old pain and suffering that is no longer serving us. So we are called to raise ourselves, to reparent ourselves. To set our own parents free and walk our own path. No longer unconsciously being loyal to old family traditions or ways of thinking that do not resonate with your inner knowing and truth.

In a Multidimensional family constellation you open to your Multidimensional Soul's essence. You bring old unresolved pain from your family, culture or spiritual lineage to the surface that is blocking your life force. By seeing the pain and giving it space it can be released from your system. It makes you  freer to walk your path in life, to feel as a Soul more at home in your body here on Earth.  

With this Multidimensional familyconstellation you are inviting yourself to take your place in the world and in the universe. To see that there is a natural order in life. You are a part of a big tapestry of life. There is a natural place for you in this world and opening up to this place and  taking your place brings healing even an a cellular level in your system.


You learn what supports you in walking your path and love can flow more openly and free.


What to Expect After
the Constellation:

♡ You detach from programs and frequencies that are not connected with your soul's essence and core frequency.

♡ Your soul has opened up to its deep longing and you have made space for this longing. 

♡ You healed a block part of the life force connected with your karma. 

♡ You moved to taking your place in this world as a Cosmic Human. Inviting your soul's essence to ground itself in this human experience. 

♡ You feel more at home in your body. 

♡ Made space for a new part of your consciousness to arise. 

♡ Made space for more mystery and magic in your life. 

♡ It strengthens your Sacred Self Love Practice.

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What Others Say...

“The family constellation initiate significant shifts in me. So many things happened since.


I'm learning to forgive, let go, prioritize, and to really set my focus on myself and what i really really want to see happen for myself.”


- Mona, Indonesia

What Happens in the session?

Opening the Session and Sharing

We start by bringing ourselves deeper into our body with soudhealing. From there I will ask you some questions about our your soul’s longing and why you booked this session. I will tune in to a deeper layer of yourself to connect with your true longing. Also, will I ask you about your family and your family’s history. 


Opening The Field

In this step we open the field to see and investigate what the field is telling you. With papers on the floor we reate a safe environment for you to open to hidden stories that wants to be revealed. 

Deepening Into The Field

Naturally I guide you to taking your place. 


Support From The Field

The field will also shows you what supports you need in your life. You will receive 2 or 3 sacred self love rituals you can practice at home. Bringing this support into your life will ground your soul more and more into you life and into your body. 


Closing the Session

We close the session by closing the field,  grounding the received divine information and giving our gratitude for all the healing that has happened. 


Practical Info

Location:  Online or in Ubud, Bali


Duration: 1,5 to 2 hours

We connect two weeks after the session, to see how the session has landed and if you have some questions that are important to you. 

Advice: Drink lots of water after the session, walk in nature, and make sure you have time to integrate the session. 

Energetic Investment: €222

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