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Embody your Core Frequency
Free Discovery

Do you long to find yourself?

Connect with your core frequency and feel what this sparks inside of you. 

You are walking your path. You feel the call to deepen your awareness and you also feel stuck in soul searching and long for soul finding. To feel at home in yourself and happy with yourself. So you are looking for spiritual guidance. I am here to assist you to reconnect with your core frequency and inner truth from a place self love. You learn to align your positive and loving selftalk with your own frequency to manifest your life goals and dreams. 


I love to connect and meet you. In this Embody your core frequency - free discovery session you get a taste of connecting with your core frequency, we will move deeper into one question that you have and you invited to connect with your own inner truth and wisdom. 


We see if we are a match and you have the opportunity to feel if you resonate with me and the way I work. I have space for one free discovery session a week. 

Yes, I'd love to sign up for this Free Discovery Session!


What Others Say...

In both my Discovery session and Cosmic Starseed Reading with Selma I found the experience to be deeply personal to me, bringing me assurance and confidence in my reality and soul longing, and guidance around tuning into my emotional realities more often. Selma’s amazing ability to take me on a journey and to tap into my strengths and fears and explore these with me, were very powerful for me. I wholeheartedly recommend Selma on your spiritual journey.

- Georgie, Switzerland -

What happens in the Session?

Opening the Session and Intro

We introduce ourselves to each other to get to know each other a bit. 


You share one question that are alive in you and what you long for. 

Questions about me

If you have questions about me please feel free to ask and I will connect and share with you and answer your questions.

Short Reading

I open the field for the reading and connect with your spirit guides and my spirit guides to feel into your core frequency and open the space for you to reconnect with this frequency. We look into your question and the divine guidance that comes true for you to open to your own inner truth. 


Closing the Session

We close the session with grounding the received divine information, healing and clearing and gratitude for life. 


Practical Info

Location: online


Duration: 30 to 45 minutes

You receive a recording of the session.


Advice: Drink lots of water after the session, walk in nature, and make sure you have time to integrate the session.  

Energetic Investment: Free

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