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What is sacred self love?

About one year ago I felt the calling to start the Mysteryschool of Sacred Self Love. This calling came with a huge amount of divine unconditional love, power and more then beautiful sense of freedom. It felt very true and real. After this calling asked my guides for more guidance. Because I was also in doubt, not understanding why I was called this Mysteryschool and what was the precise meaning of the Mysteryschool.

I could already very clearly sense and see that sacred self love is needed to deeply embody the divine essence. It is absolutely beautiful to open up to different dimensions, planets and stars of our universe. When you can not bring this energy into your body , you are not able to live the energy in your life. This might be satisfying and enough in the beginning. After a while you will feel it is not real. It is ungrounded and does not bring the true joy and peace that you experience in the meditations and soul journey’s.

To truly live your highest potential it is absolutely beautiful and needed to move to different dimensions. It also needed to bring these energies, with it’s own frequencies and wisdom, down into your body and aura. For you to actually live these energies instead of fantasizing, dreaming, and talking about it. I know I have been there. It is simply not fulfilling.

To allow these high frequency energy into your body and aura here on Earth it is needed to rewrite old programs of survival into new programs of creation. Because these new energies are all about creating from source. Source is in itself abundant and therefore it is created from abundance. Instead of creating from survival. Which is creating from lack and the egoistic mind.

So Sacred Self Love is creating from Source. Allowing the divine self that you are to meet the divine frequencies of the universe that are here to support you.


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