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Mystery School of Sacred Self Love

Let Love Flow

You want to feel good about yourself?
  You came to the right place!

I help mothers with a lust for life to give meaning to their lives and motherhood in their own unique way, to feel supergood about themselves and feel they are on top of the world.

Whether you want to take a deep spiritual journey or learn to relax yourself, I help you to be more yourself.

The continuous stream of things you have to do, the way your kids mirror exactly what you still need to learn (and in that moment you do not always know how to handle this), losing yourself and getting back on your feet, motherhood means keeping a lot of balls in the air. And the type of balls that are thrown at you change every time. How great would it be to feel centered in yourself, so you catch these balls with more ease and grace.

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Walking this spiritual path is bringing you back into your  authentic self. That is filled with a gracious amount of sacred wisdom.

In my sessions I help you to reveal this wisdom from your deepest soul's essence. Through deep practices of Sacred Self Love you heal yourself and your ancestral lineage. 

Through these deep practises of Sacred Self Love you open to the Golden Elixer of Soul DNA Blueprint and therefor your life's energy.  

This by itself is raising the frequency of humanity and is aligning the frequency of humanity with the frequency of the New Earth. 

In the Mystery School of Sacred Self Love you learn to clear and energetically protect yourself with different techniques. From this safe place you release and liberate survival energy and open your heart. 


With sacred geometry, divine tools and wisdom teachings you create new, loving supporting programs for you to feel good about yourself, to feel at home in your body and to embody your own authentic self.

Because you opended yourself to your Soul DNA Blueprint and it's own wisdom you feel good about yourself in a very natural way and have clairity about your Soul's mission, your gifts and how to take care of yourself in a excellent way that is alined with your own truth. 

Ready to open to your Soul's DNA Blueprint?

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What Others Say...

For me it was a new experience because I had prepared a couple of detailed questions in advance and thought you would answer them question after question. But I was really surprised how connected you are and how valuable the information has been that was channeled through you. 

So as a result finally I received a lot of deep insights and understanding in important issues like my impatience and the feeling of not being good enough. This is very worthful for me and I will directly work on it with family constellation work on it on monday. You really opened my eyes also with my "putting me under pressure" issue. Thank you very much also for this, I will train myself in more trusting into the process. ​

- Maria Aurora, Switserland -

 Meet Selma 

seer & healer

Adventurer with a lust for life. Came to life in 1975 and born here on earth to bring change.

Generational pattern breaker.

Happily married and mother of an 8 year old son.

Cancer survivor & healthy (yes!!) after years of chronic illness.

Loving, soft & strong, intuitive, clairvoyant, feeling and knowing and totally in love with family life.


The Mystery School of Sacred Self Love



Cosmic Starseed Reading

We call you to remember your divine nature and reconnect with your Starseed family. With doing so you will align more to your core frequency and you will feel less alone here on Earth in this time. It will bring you a deeper remembering of your divine essence. 


Discover your Soul  Purpose

This is for you to remember why you are here on Earth. Your Soul purpose that moves beyond the mind. It opens itself to you in divine timing, step by step, through your heart.


Family Constellation

This Multidimensional Family Constellation is all about taking your place in this world as a free and sovereign being. 

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Ready for Change?

 I can’t wait to connect with you. Together we see what support you need on your journey in feeling more at home in your body & more embodying your divinity. 

Do you have a question about my offerings? Feel free to send me a message.


Walking the path of your soul

You live from the Heart.

You are connected with the stars and grounded in the Earth.

You are devoted to living a soul-led life and not a life created out of the ego but out of the Soul. 

You are emotionally mature. 

You are of service in many different ways.

You are an Alchemist of the Soul. 

You meet your own need and connect with the needs of others.

You are focused on the solution and not the problem.

You are open to opportunities and say yes to them when you see them.

You know how to be abundant and attract abundance in your life.

Sacred Self Love


Inspiration & channeled messages about taking care of yourself & letting your love flow in a sacred way.


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What Others Say...

"I had a channeling session because I had some deep questions I needed some guidance with. The session with Selma was truly pleasant, I felt comfortable and at ease. Some of the things were spot on! The Channeling session gave me some answers and most importantly concrete tools, which I really appreciate. I’m so glad I had the chance to come to her for a reading. She has such a gift…if you have the chance, it's an amazing opportunity to try it for yourself. You will definitely not regret it."

- Anita Bakos, The Netherlands -


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